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1. Purpose of Website (Poem-My Symphony)

2. High Thoughts and Great Expectations (Poem - Horizons)

3. Live More Peacefully Together (He Drew a Circle)

4. Redefining God (Poem - The Moon has No Name)

5. Words of Religion (Hymn - Trust and Obey)

6. Redefining Prayer (Poem - Rainbow at Sunset)

7. The Correct Religion (Quote - Do Not Follow)

8. The Start of Something New ( Poem (The Lobster Quidrille)

9. Make God One Again (Quote- I Chose)

10. Connection Without Revival (Quote-Life is Not Measured)

11. Civics vs. Social Studies ( Poem-The Bee)

12. Lyrics of I Wasn't Born to Follow- The Byrds

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Purpose of Website


The purpose of this website is to challenge you to look at your beliefs in a fresh new way. Think of yourself as a new born baby coming into a world that was very, very randomly created. It is where you must live, but has not given you any say about how you get to proceed with living in it! Now you have to navigate this new, beautiful, dangerous, confusing world that has been influenced by billions of former and current inhabitants... known as other humans.

You slowly discover that these other humans are quite a diverse lot! They are many different hues of colors, speak many interesting and complex languages and they all seem to have a different way of viewing their individual universe. As you grow, you are influenced into naturally thinking the way the humans near you think. That is fine, hopefully. Hopefully you are being cared for and safe, or maybe you didn't get that lucky and you are not safe, comfortable, and well fed. You may live in fear with those around you reacting to their environments as they have to, to survive. Comfortable, safe, and happy, fearful, hurting, hungry....... You didn't get to chose!!!  You didn't get to chose your physical makeup either. Some got luckier than others. Some "live long and prosper".... some just don't. When you get to be about 12, more or less, usually some sense of self starts creeping into your consciousness. ... Maybe..... Many times though that self "consciousness" is squashed by your circumstances and your 

family/societal beliefs.

What I want to accomplish with this website is to help you bring yourself to your own self "consciousness". To bring you to a point where you can be honest with yourself and all others without being influenced by your particular past and present circumstances. To connect with your own higher power.

 I am no more special than you. I do not claim divinity, but I feel inspired. I do not hold advanced degrees  beyond a bachelor of science, but I embrace and study the diverse world and am well read. I do not have superpowers, but I seek the ideal and best in myself. All our journeys are imperfect...... Do not expect perfection here!!...But can we explore this beautiful imperfection together?

My Symphony

 To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly; to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages with open heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never. In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common. This is to be my symphony.  W. H. Channing 


High Thoughts and Great Expectations

 I never remember a time that I didn’t feel led by an undefinable force. .... a feeling that I have a Higher Power. That force has never been defined in my mind by any religion. When I’ve tried to define it, I was never successful. It is just there. I feel inspired often, as I believe people can be at times, and should strive to be and should be encouraged to be by people around them, in an ideal scenario (your perfect church?). 

Individual life circumstances, philosophical and religious influences and if we are lucky, good input from parent figures, friends and mentors help us discern good from evil, and right from wrong and all those gray areas we have to make decisions about. Hopefully we can use our family leaders and mentors to choose our best course and make wise decisions. If we use these resources and get a good understanding of what our personal responsibilities are, we develop healthy, productive life skills. 

The study of religions and philosophies are invaluable to develop personal life skills, but those resources should never take away our ability to make our own choices and develop our own personal understanding. They should never dictate to us or own us. I’ve always thought of myself as a young/old hippy idealist, so through the decades I’ve tried to think of how I personally, as one person, could “save the world” or “bring world peace”. You know …. The big “impossible” dreams.

One morning I woke up at 3AM (on a work day), reached over to my computer in the dark and went to GoDaddy. I looked to see if describeGod and unindoctrinate domain names were for sale. To my shock, they were, so I bought them with their assorted .com, .net, .info etc. and then I went back to sleep. I just had the thought for many decades that if I could get people to simplify their religious beliefs, it could bring some Peace and Harmony to the World. High thoughts for a rather normal average hippy girl who has worked as a civil servant in public education for her career.  Or maybe just low expectations that I can help a small percentage of the world rethink their relationship with the cosmos and gain some personal peace of mind. But I do think that one person can make a difference in this world.  


Above and below,

A symmetry, color, flow

But the horizon,

The straightest of lines,

No blemish or confusion

The end of the Earth,

Into a beginning somewhere.

There, the last bird to dare fly after dark.

Is he looking at sunset too, 

Or is he lost, looking for his home in the dark

Writer's poem 8/18/2018


The Correct Religion


Religions in this world seem to be born from creative but random thoughts.  Google says there are 4,200 world religions. I suppose those are just the organized ones. 

You hear people say.. "I have my own religion, and it is right for me". or, "I have found the correct religion and it is right for you too... Follow me!"

If God were defined simply as the force and power that created this incredibly complex universe, why would the concept need to be complicated with establishing thousands of religions to define it. No wise, thinking God would do that to an Earth that he made.


The idea of people having to figure out which religious concept is right for each person at each age, maturity, mental capacity, with different educational levels, feelings and emotional needs is just about the most impractical waste of time, and physical and mental energy there could be. We generally just end up accepting what we are told and not thinking about it!

Devoting your precious moments on Earth that you have been given to any religion that requires constant thought, worship, devotion and money seems a waste when those resources could be going to actually make this world a better place for humans, plants, animals and taking good care of the resources that were given to us. 

Instead of religions being an extreme focus on made up images of God, could it be a focus on taking care of what God created for us. 

What if we all, simply look back on our lives, and back in time to the beginnings of all religious thinking to figure out why we have religion to start with? What makes us need it and how can we simplify it to make it work better for the whole world? How can we make it an honest statement of truth, yet let it still help us all connect with the unknowable power that made the universe? Could we humans drop all the preconceptions we have about the idea and definition of God, the creator, universal force, higher power and use those simple definitions to describe it? Then could we use that simplicity as a tool to grow this world together instead of apart?

Religion's goal should be to comfort people and allow them to be grateful and appreciative to whatever made this universe and our world happen.  A simple foundational concept that allows us to practice a meaningful understanding that is inclusive of everyone on the planet. A concept to connect us with each other instead of divide. 

This concept could allow us to find more personal meaning for our lives. It could allow us to reset and rethink and begin again.....

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Muriel


Living More Peacefully Together with Simplicity and Honesty


How can we get to a more peaceful, more accepting world? What step could we take to make that happen?

How about stop looking for answers to questions that are impossible to answer!

I think that the vast majority of people who are totally turned off by religions and religious people are sick of, confused by and annoyed by people telling them about their “religion”. People get so disgusted that they never want anything to do with religion again. I don’t blame them one bit! Certainly trying to fit individual humans into one religion or even many choices of religions is not a logical idea for helping people with their unique needs. No religion has ever been pure and flawless, as you would think something actually created by God for Man would be! It is annoying for people to act like and say that their religion is perfect and the correct way. It is sad to watch people who are wanting answers, accept any answer that comes along, no matter how nonsensical, just to have some answer. People seem to have a strong need for definitive answers to big questions. That seems to be a common trait of all humans. 

We can’t seem to live together on Earth with opposing religions all around us. It also doesn’t seem possible that every religion will suddenly decide to give up their power over people and disappear! Too much money, ego, power and indoctrination out there to simply give all that up. 

But what if it became popular and accepted to admit that humans don’t know how it all happened and just say up front something like.

“No human is capable of knowing how creation happened and how all the questions about the universe are answered, but the tools that I use to reach my higher power, at this point in my life are”……..(you fill in this blank)

Or “My own religious practice to reach my higher power is unique to me and is”.........(your blank to fill)...

And then ask the person you are speaking with if they have “tools” they use to connect to this amazing universe? Bring the conversation down to basics and show another person that it doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Welcome and encourage the thought that we are all on unique paths throughout our lives to reach the same inner peace with our unique perception of the universe. Simply connecting with our universe and with each other at the same time. 

Simplify your religious tools down to what really does work for you.  

Work to subtract the baggage and weight of the religions we carry

and, encourage others to simplify and seek a more simple, workable, direct and honest connection with their higher power.

Understand that each of us has a different concept and feeling inside about this connection with the universe and accept that.

“He drew a circle that shut me out-

Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.

But love and I had the wit to win:

We drew a circle and took him In!”

Quote from Edwin Markham


Redefining God

 A couple of definitions of the word religion:

"religion": “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods”.

“religion": “an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Many religions have narratives, symbols, and sacred histories that are intended to explain the meaning of life and/or to explain the origin of life or the universe.”

My definition: the basic relationship with your higher power that guides you and helps you toward understanding the universe.

So the name of this website is describeGod….. And that challenge is my whole point exactly….. You really can’t describe God!…. . We describe all around God.  We personify him into a man-like being on a great throne. We tell stories of God’s adventures and communications on earth. We write epics about his miracles and creations. We find joy and sorrow in what we call God’s plan. The ultimate escapism is God! We convince ourselves that we need God for our security and happiness. We pray to God because we need to not be alone. We need that guiding force to show us "the way". And I truly think that is alright, normal and even has the possibility of being a good thing.

But why can’t all the stories, music, art be simply understood for what it is. Symbols that represent Our Higher Power and make that more accessible to man. We obviously need that. I need and have that. The problem lies with our collective not acknowledging that the symbols, icons, trappings, creeds, doctrines are tools we use. Things humans use to connect to the unknowable. We seem to worship the tools more than what the tools represent. We follow charismatic leaders, prophets and intercessors and are surprised and disappointed when they betray or let us down by being simply what they are.. Humans.  Humans who have no more possession of the truth than we mere followers have. They have no powers greater than ours, they are just able to convince us they do!

I have a regular “discussion” with a friend or two about the difference between an atheist and an agnostic. And when I sometimes start the conversation, I say “i don’t believe there is such a thing as an atheist”…. That comment generally  “gets the discussion going” and the debate is on!

In my way of thinking, an atheist would be someone who denies the universe exists at all. … Kind of like saying there is no God because there is no creation.., which is hard to argue unless you think this is all just a big really vivid dream that we are all having!?  But if you believe that reality and the world exists, but you simply admit that you can’t say you know how it happened, that is honest and could be the definition of the word agnostic or the simplified definition of God or the basic defining  idea of the simplest religion.

I seek to simplify the definition of God to the original feeling of a powerful, unexplainable force in the universe, your "Higher Power" unembellished and as honest as possible for a human to be. I also suggest that this definition of God/A Higher Power allows humans to be as connected to whatever created the universe as any religion that has been created. It is just acknowledging and being appreciative of the creator/creation, without the trappings that come as standard fare with religions. 

No longer is there reason to be concerned as to whether a person has the "correct" religion….. and all the fear and worry that come with that. People can have a simple religion of appreciation for the wonder of creation. After all, what more wonderful than being amazed and delighted in simply being born and witnessing your life and engaging in life around you! That can be enough and is as capable as any religion of creating the feeling of belonging and that you are a part of something wonderful in the universe. The divine simply found in the mystery alone.

The Moon has no Name

Crescent moon with planet, surely named, but simply called "bright" tonight.

Beckon me up to sleep under your gentle glow, 'til morning light.

Writer's Poem 8/14/2018


Words of Religion


Organized religions use words to communicate their messages. Common words they use are belief, faith, trust, and many times, obey, follow, …..Many years ago when I was analyzing my own childhood family/church religion, I would think on the meanings of those  words. I was in my 30’s before I realized what was bothering me about the words belief, faith and trust. Those words are based on the premise that you have to accept something that can’t be proven and therefore very likely is not possible or true. You have to suspend a logic somewhere, cut off your brain and relent to someone’s “teachings” to you. If you were “born into” any religion, that is what you learn young. It is ingrained by family, friends, and your surroundings and most people fall in line for life. It matters not specifically what you are being told and taught. All you have to do is trust and obey. You suspend your thoughts and you feel queasy if you don’t. You are trained that even if you don’t feel that what you have been taught is “for you”, or “exactly right”,   you still feel you must choose it or something very similar. Choosing nothing is not a choice you are allowed. Once religion has enlisted you into a fold and indoctrinated you into their rules and fears and threats of this and that…. And then added rewards and promises of that and this, it makes choosing “something simple and less complex” seem impossible. The choices you have must be dramatic and showy, and the more detail and drama and sparkling gold, the better!

The beauty in the choosing of “simplicity” or “i/we don’t know” is that you don’t have to lie anymore about belief. You have the joy and freedom and peace of understanding that we cannot know the unknowable. You get to be honest with yourself and others and you get the pure, “straight line connected” relationship with the universe! No intercessor needed. You never have to convince (proselytize)to those around you that you are right because you have nothing to use to convince them with! Yeah! Nothing to argue over and when expanded to the rest of the world….. Nothing to kill each other over! Double yeah with some rah rah rahs, peace on earth, and good will toward men!! 

Trust and Obey, for there's no other way, to be happy with Jesus, but to trust and obey. Christian Hymn


Redefining Prayer

 For as many prayers that have gone up to God, with the expectations of being answered, all these thousands of years, you would think that people in this world would be living in modest but appropriately sheltering houses, eating healthy foods that enrich their bodies, their mental health would be adequate for general happiness and there would be better cooperation and less war.  It has not turned out that way.

Prayer seems to be thought of as connecting to a magical force that you can command and call into action for you. Religion leads us to believe that a God that you are praying to is located somewhere and taking surveys from the earth population or making lists counting up numbers of requests for action and granting them. This God will grant requests, but they should be in the correct formats from the correct forms of religion and through the correct intercessor.

Many people use prayer to ask or plead for be given something. That is commonly called Prosperity Praying. Seems to me that a God that is smart enough to make the universe, would be smart enough to know what we need without having to be told. A God that rewards and punishes, listens to some but not others, and makes the rules of play very confusing is a pretty grim description. Seems to be a setup for disappointment?

People have the idea that if you pray often enough and fervently enough and with enough people praying at the correct time, for the same thing, it will magically change some bad thing into a good thing, or make the bad thing go away.The idea of leaving your cares and worries in the hands of God just seems to be a way to escape from reality and a handing over of any personal effort and responsibility on the individual's part.

I want to suggest making a switch in thinking about how and what you pray. Simplify your prayers to Centering, Focusing and Gratitude Praying.

My career work was/is in public education. My job was in an elementary school office working directly with children, teachers, administrators, vendors, volunteers and parents. I also often drove regular school bus routes and activity buses. My daily decisions/actions impacted real people in real time. Many days I would stay in my car an extra moment in the morning or sit in the bus driver’s seat before driving and deeply center myself and “pray” that I would make few mistakes and wise decisions. It helped me to get mentally and emotionally ready for the tasks ahead. It was prayer, but more a prayer to my higher power or my best self to do my best and concentrate. I didn’t expect a God to be listening and to make a decision to influence my day. I didn’t expect God to make the brakes work on the bus. I took responsibility for my day!

To make prayer real and productive, it needs to be brought down to a personal place. There is a big difference between “I’m praying for you and I will be there for you if you need me” and “I’m praying to a God to personally help you”. My prayer for another person would create a sense of love and caring between me and that person only if they know that I am praying for them. Focused prayer for another person should include them knowing about it with words to communicate that you are thinking of and care about them. You need to be listening, have empathy, give hugs and share laughter or cry with them.

Praying as a group can help that group of people to work better together toward a common goal, but also words not in the form of prayer can do that also.

Prayer could be described as deeper, more passionate and focused thinking. It can help an individual to mentally organize, define goals, and focus to work harder toward those goals. It can help you consider consequences and help you make wise decisions.

The ending of my personal prayers always focuses on a general gratitude for all that has been provided to me by this incredible universe. This acknowledges that I am special and that I have the great privilege and pleasure of being a part of all the world’s living fauna and flora. That is huge enough for me and I am profoundly grateful.

Looking to your personal higher power may guide you to be more spiritually led or to make wiser decisions without depending on any parts of religions to manipulate/influence your decisions. Keep it simple! Pray to your higher power to improve your higher self. 

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Rainbow at Sunset

Light of dusk

The storm has passed

Makes me run to capture you.

Last light toward night

Intense and strong

For those few moments

Too quickly gone

But look away, look behind

The spectrum there, 

To remind

Author's Poem 8/12/18


The Start of Something New



So you may say, who is this person writing this website and why does she think I need to listen to what she has to say…. Or you might say?…. What a little upstart she is! What is an upstart? It is a person who rudely walks in a room of people and disrupts the pattern in place. They might interrupt the speaker, defy the current message and criticize the way things are being done. Upstarts don’t “go with the flow”. They agitate and jerk the attention of everyone in the room. And when they have the room’s attention, they have something to say that shakes things up. 

Someone who sees that things are messed up and wants to start over, reset, rethink and go back to the beginning and maybe figure out a way that works better for everyone? A disruption in religious thinking on a grand scale taking aim at every religious belief in the world and wanting to make that disruption a positive thing….. Can’t get much more direct and to the point than that!

Chaos rules this world, religiously speaking. The established religions in the world compete for money, power, and human devotion.  This constantly creates tension, racism, distrust and many times outright hatred, war and poverty. They can’t all be right, so maybe it’s more likely they are all wrong!

What if we all, everyone of us, simply looked back in our life, back in time to study on and think about why we have religion to start with. What makes us need it and how we could simplify it to make it an honest statement of truth. Could we drop all the cult ideas around it and use religion in a more efficient and logical way, as a tool to grow together instead of apart.

Could we agree to simplify religion so thoroughly that it does what it is supposed to do, which is comfort people, allow us to be grateful to whatever created all this, love and connect with other people meaningfully and find personal meaning for our individual lives. Let’s begin again, start over…in a positive way!  

          The Lobster Quadrille

"What matters it how far we go?" His scaly friend did reply. "There is another shore, you know, upon the other side. The further off from England the nearer is to France-- then turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance."

Lewis Carroll


Make God One again


I had a fresh thought this morning on how to describe how world religions evolved so differently from each other and what we should do about that.

If we as a world love, admire, respect and appreciate God (defined as the creator of all this) so much, why do we rip God into pieces? Let’s say we all agree for a moment to put the concept of God back together to some original concept… as I have suggested…. and call it “One”. What part of “One” would you have to give back? If God was cut into a jigsaw puzzle and distributed out to the earth’s people, what parts would you have to bring back to make God whole again. What mini gods do you have? Jesus and the Holy Spirit?  Mary? What angels and devils need to be returned….Saints?,  Prophets? What religious icons and symbols and rituals divide God up? Are ornate churches and religious art really about God, or were they for other purposes that are not so pure? What stories did your religion make up and how did they use those stories to indoctrinate, persecute and exploit people. What promises did they say God made that he didn’t? Streets of gold, virgins in heaven, salvation in a magical world of eternal bliss in death, who gave man the right to exploit God that way. How has your religion used God as a recruiting tool to control thoughts and actions and keep your attention and money focused in their direction.

Maybe we all need to give God a huge apology for stealing and using God for these purposes. Maybe we should all give all those concepts we stole back and make God “One/Whole” again.  

One idea, one simple concept that God is just whatever set all this in motion with the simplest of rules to follow. Such as...Be as happy and healthy as you can.  Take good care of the universe and earth that we are so fortunate to have been born in. Work together with all other people and animals to make our worldly home safe and peaceful as best as you can.

 I think that if we all did that, our minds would be at its truest peace with no worries about whether we picked the correct parts of the jigsaw puzzle we cut God up into.


I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to become. Author Unknown


Connection Without Revival


How do my writings so far make you feel? What reactions do you feel? Do your feelings conflict? Have you jumped ship before this point, or are you still reading. Are you angry that I am challenging your beliefs? Am I bringing your long held and ignored doubts to the surface? If you are normal, you should have lots of thoughts… I sure did. All through my life. I’m still reading, analyzing, questioning, free thinking. I’ve allowed myself to change over time. That is how we grow intellectually and spiritually. From the simple childhood concepts, to the standardized, in stone feelings and ideas of maturity. 

How can we expect to stay freshly connected and constantly revived if we are not allowed to have fresh thoughts, ideas and inspirations. If beliefs are “in stone”, maybe they are dead like stone. It has always been a mystery why churches need revivals? Why does constant conformity seem to need reviving regularly. Can it be because it is a stagnant, unchanging thing, and humans are constantly growing, aging and changing.

The revelations that we get from studying, learning, observing others, analyzing the whys and hows of things brings fresh and alive feelings and empathy and a deep satisfying joy in knowing that your life is being freshly connected to your universe constantly.

It keeps us connected continuously, never ceasing, and provides constant reviving!


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. 

Unknown Author


Civics vs. Social Studies

From what I gather, in the United States, US Civics was “replaced” by Social Studies in the mid 1900’s..  Social Studies includes Civics and also Geography, History, and Economics and methodically works through the study of all continents/countries over many school years. It is comprehensive and doesn’t play favorites.

This change in perspective and method for student’s learning about civilizations and how that educational change came about must be interesting reading, but this change of educational focus works well to describe a way of thinking about religion in the world also.

Let's say a society did have to pick an either/or situation for learning for all their children....One choice, Civics... Learning about your nation's government and not necessarily learning much  about other government systems. The other "choice" being Social Studies.. The broad learning about all societies in the world, their  relationships with each other, and an understanding..good and bad, of all the countries of the world’s governmental structures, economies, languages, foods, religions, etc.. 

For instance, the USA, the country that I live in, would be studied in Social Studies when students study the North American continent. Students would study this country's unique qualities of being formed with immigrants from all over the world and relating how that affected the Native American population and our system of governing being a constitutional republic or democratic republic, etc. The US is seen as one of the world’s many interesting countries with good and bad qualities.

The "Civics only" kind of thinking leads students to believe that only their country's language, government, and ways of living is correct and that it is best and better than the other countries in the world. Lovely ideas such as imperialism, isolationism, racism, strict patriotism would tend to evolve. 

It makes me think of my strict Baptist religious indoctrination as a child.  I was strongly discouraged to attend, study, consider valid, associate or marry into any other religion in the world. Even the Methodists and Presbyterians " had it wrong". Someone indoctrinated thoroughly into that situation usually follows that line of thought until Christians mostly do, never able to know the richness and diversity in the study of how people around the world connect with their higher power and enjoy and access the broad and complex study of religions, rich histories, meaningful teaching stories, and thought provoking and beautiful songs, rituals and writings 

When the “my religion is superior to all others” concept is strongly taught to a group, they tend toward Groupthink, may feel persecuted and defensive, can become fanatical and need constant reviving and reassurance. 

Exclusive teaching of the civics in any country is not a good way for countries to get along in the world and exclusively teaching one religion is not a good way to live peacefully together on Earth. 

The Bee

The bee cannot survive with the hive without working with the fields. Writer's Thought 5/18/2020


Lyrics..... "I Wasn't Born to Follow".... The Byrds

No I'd rather go and journey
Where the diamond crescent's glowing
And run across the valley
Beneath the sacred mountain
And wander through the forest
Where the trees have leaves of prisms
And break the light in colors
That no one know the names of

And when it's time I'll go and lay
Beside the legendary fountain
'Till I see her form reflected
In its clear and jewelled waters
And if you think I'm ready
You may lead me to the chasm
Where the rivers of our visions
Flow into one another

I will want to dive beneath the white cascading waters
She may beg, she may plead, she may argue with her logic
And mention all the things I'll lose
That really have no value in the end she will surely know
I wasn't born to follow